Protect Our Elections: Demand Safe Voting

The coronavirus pandemic is not only a public health emergency and an economic crisis — it’s also a major threat to our elections. Unless we act to hold our government accountable to adapt to this crisis, election day could have devastating consequences for our public health — and our democracy.

We’re organizing to hold our government accountable — because no American should have to choose between voting and staying safe and healthy.

We’re calling on governors, local officials, and the federal government to make sure every American can safely exercise their right to vote in November — and we need your help fighting for it.

We’re organizing for:

  • Universal vote by mail in every state
  • Online and same-day voter registration so that everyone can make their voice heard
  • Enhancing the safety of in-person voting by providing at least 30 days of early voting and extending voting hours
  • Guaranteeing that every poll worker is compensated – and receives hazard pay – for their work
  • Providing at least $4 billion for state and local governments to administer elections and to keep poll workers safe in the next coronavirus relief package

Our government, including our state governments, have the power to adopt these policies -- but it’s on us to make sure they do.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be taking action to demand these critical measures — so that every American can safely exercise their right to vote in November. Join the fight to demand safe voting during the coronavirus pandemic.